beautiful scars

 Photo by oscarhdez/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by oscarhdez/iStock / Getty Images


scar [skahr]: a mark left by a healed wound

When I was 4-years-old, I had a terrible accident with a NYC subway escalator. It resulted in stair-shaped scars on my inner left thigh. My mother offered to pay for plastic surgery for my 16th birthday, but I refused. My scars were a part of me. And while I once did my best to hide them, I was now proud of them.

Many of us walk around with invisible wounds that we think are scarred. beautiful scars seeks to educate and empower communities (especially those of faith) to name, heal, and prevent sexual trauma in their midst. 

Whether workshops or keynotes, retreats or conferences, I can help your organization integrate sex and sexuality into everyday conversation. With education comes power and with power comes action. If your community is ready to push past the stigma of "taboo" topics, I am ready to partner with you for the journey.


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