Recent Work

I have the most amazing partners! Here's what I've been up to:

bridge HIV, San Francisco department of health

“Lyvonne ‘Proverbs’ Picou spoke at Bridge HIV’s community forum titled, Full Circle: From Vaginal Rings to Sexual Safety, that aimed to educate our audience about HIV prevention for women and spread more awareness on sexual safety and violence toward women. Lyvonne gave an excellent talk on dating, sexual violence, support for sexual assault survivors, and the socio-cultural context of sexual assault within Black and Latinx communities with great poise, personality, and humor. We would love to invite Lyvonne back to speak at future events because she seamlessly incorporated her wonderful personality and speaking style into the goals of our event.” - Nicole W.

uplyft women's erg: international women's day workshop 

"Lyvonne 'Proverbs' Picou is an incredible human being. The honesty and authenticity she brings to her workshops creates a safe space for those to share openly and learn with growth mindset. Not only is she a phenomenal presenter and facilitator she is very knowledgeable about what she speaks about - bringing in a myriad of media for her audience to resonant with and learn from. I can't wait to bring her into our office again as her teachings will help our company amplify who we strive to be." - Mercedes J.



workday workshop series: women of color, storytelling, and community-building

"Lyvonne's presentation was one of the most powerful events I've ever been a part of. Yes, you read that, I am not exaggerating for some kind of hyperbolic effect. My brain is still on fire from her words; I've been replaying parts of her presentation over and over again.  As a father to two daughters (12 and 10), her presentation was both timely and poignant." -Darius B.